Hola XL - Digital stand for contactless temperature measuring and hand disinfection

The device’s purpose, which is unique in the global market, is to control the spread of the virus and its prevention. The device is designed for factories, companies, public institutions, and facilities with high human transmission and circulation of individual visitors such as museums, galleries, etc. It is entirely safe, precise, and easy to use. It can be branded with your company logo for quantity more then 20 devices. It is also possible to choose colors for larger quantities.


Why HOLA digital stand ?

Using the HOLA device for temperature control with a face recognition option, no institution, company, or health center will ever again need a person to check the temperature manually and expose themselves to the additional risk of getting infected. After the users finish the temperature check on the device, the user’s data is automatically recorded for future logging. The stand itself has an integrated contactless hand sanitizer with a 70% alcohol-based dispenser for hand disinfection.

  • Quick detection and user logging/ registering
  • AI (artificial intelligence) Face Recognition built into the system
  • No risk to employees
  • A built-in contactless device with an alcohol-based dispenser
  • Unique in the global market
  • Voice and light signaling
  • Up to 600 users can perform the check-in for 1 hour

Dimension and Materials

Height: 190cm, Width: 30cm, Depth: 30cm
Sheet steel with additional reinforcements and a hole for filling the sanitizer container in the rear.
Power supply
220-240V 50/60 Hz
Device warranty
The warranty on the device is 2 years


The stand is designed as the control stand and does not require detainment. The time the users take to complete the temperature check and the disinfection does not exceed 5 to 7 seconds. Temperature measurement time is from 1 to 3 seconds. The rest of the time is for disinfection, which is also fully automated and contactless.

Yes, it is. Predefined logical steps are: The first step is to measure the temperature that starts the moment the user comes in and comes into focus. The second step is disinfection, which is performed by the user automatically lowering the hands under the injectors that disperse the alcohol disinfectant. The device is illustrated with the guidelines containing detailed instructions in three steps.

The measuring device uses a temperature sensor paired with a high-resolution dual camera with a measurement error of 0.5 degrees Celsius. Face Recognition or Face Detection is also precise when the user also wears a face mask. The distance at which the temperature is measured is from 50cm to 1