Hola M - Automated contactless device for hand disinfection

Hola contactless device for hand disinfection is automated. It is stable and resistant to mechanical impacts therefore suitable for objects with high human transmission and circulation of individual visitors. It can be used in restaurants, shops, companies, institutions, facilities of importance, production facilities, and many others. It can be branded with your company logo for quantity more then 20 devices. It is also possible to choose colors for larger quantities.


Why HOLA contactless device for hand disinfection?

You are providing the control of the health status of people entering the space and the disinfection of hands to prevent the spread of viruses and other transmissible infectious diseases.

  • No additional maintenance of the device is required other than regular refill.
  • Ideal spray jet for both hands; no steam or spray is generated when spraying; integrated excess fluid collection system.
  • Sensor contactless activation, by placing the hands, automatically starts the system.
  • The possibility of using 70% alcohol. Dosage: 2ml per application.
  • LED lighting as an indication of the completed process; decorative LED lighting
  • It is entirely made of metal with a stable base, which provides it with a firm positioning.
  • The capacity of the disinfection container is 5 liters.

Dimension and Materials

Height: 125cm, Width: 34cm, Gauge: 25cm
Sheet steel with additional reinforcements and an opening for filling the disinfection container in the rear part
Power supply
Power supply: 240V 50/60 HZ
Device warranty
The warranty on the device is 2 years


Yes, because there is a disinfection hole at an optimal height of 85 to 110 cm. When the sensor detects the movement of the hands, the system is turned on, which instantly expels the optimal amount of disinfectant liquid.